Benefits of Biological Pest Control


Pests can be such a nuisance, whether in the house or outside. These little critters can be a farmer's nightmare. For those new to farming, it is likely that you do not have many ways of dealing with pests. Many people decide to use a variety of methods. One of the most common one is chemical control. However, chemical pest control is stiffly challenged by a natural method known as biological pest control. This is where farmers use pests to destroy or eat up the harmful pests. This technique is very advantageous. Below are some of the reasons why many farmers like it.

It is Eco-Friendly

There is a lot of talk about environmental conservation and biological conservation. This is essentially taking quality care of the environment and the natural resources out there. Unlike chemical methods, which lead to environmental degradation of the soil, air and even water, biological conservation is more friendly to the environment. This type of control ensures that the food chain is not disrupted and the environment is not destroyed. When chemicals are used to kill certain pests it, works for the crops, however, there is a disruption in the food chain because predators are starved. Some of the predators used for pests include, hedgehogs for caterpillars, dragonflies for mosquitoes and ladybirds for greenflies. Because no chemicals are used, the soil and air remain pure and this is good for all the living creatures on the planet.


Biological mosquito control raleigh nc is more than just a way of getting rid of pests; it helps keep pests away from the unwanted area completely. In order to keep pests away one can also plant certain plants, which the pests do not like close to or near the plants that the pests find attractive.

Apart from animals, one can also use plants that produce certain ordure these will force the pests to move away. To understand more about pest control, visit .

Cost Effective

Minimal cost is required when it comes to using biological mosquito control winston salem methods. Even though some initial cost is needed when it comes to investing in this form of method especially when one is purchasing the predator this method is considered very cost effective. This method facilitates the mating process, which reduces the need of buying more biological pest control. The pests in this case become the food; therefore, one is not required to buy more food. Nevertheless, it is important to note that the chemical control needs to be replaced regularly when it replenishes.